“Entre atinos y desaciertos” is a wild physical comedy play. Getting involved in the game will be fundamental to join the characters in their adventure.

Tarugo and Pejerrey love danger and they always find the opportunity to do something ridiculously amazing. Their rascally complicity leads to an endless number of absurdities in which to miss is to hit. An invitation to believe in the power of absurdity. Rated: General audience.

“En órbita” is a vibrating show. Chichina, Tarugo and Pejerrey, three eccentric characters, get on stage spirally entering a world that is impossible to imagine but possible to see.

High risk acrobatics that reach the top of danger, bursts of laughter that bring you into present and make you forget the world for a while. Rated: General Audience.

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Add to your event an entertaining, unique and groundbreaking show to receive your guests in the best way. Make them amaze, excite and have fun with different performances:

Fire juggling, stilt walkers, acrobats, contortionists, clowns, musicians, dancers and more! We set up the ideal cast for your necessities.


Cirkuelgue is a hilarious circus company, focused on the audience's joy since 2016.
A first person adventure full of adrenaline and amazement.


Federico Ignacio Díaz Actor, clown, juggler, unicyclist, hairhanger, stilt walker.


Luisina Schwab Hairhanger, trapeze artist, handstander, dancer.


Alejandro Nicolino Aerial and floor-based acrobat, clown, juggler, air safety technician.
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